Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inches Left

Inspired by YarnHarlot's recent post on her Knitting Olympics, here is my progress so far:

I'm rounding the last part of my 2nd baby kimono for my Knitting Olympics. I'm thinking I have this in the bag, only the right front left and now I have this problem:
I ran out of yarn.

This the second time I've had this problem. And, it was with the FIRST baby kimono. My knitting friends say it is not stash enhancing if you are finishing a project, but I feel like I'm failing in some aspect of stash-busting. I'm committing to working through my stash, but it is getting slightly bigger with every project by a skein or 2.

Poor planning? Maybe I need help with planning out the project. Conspiracy to keep yarn addicts buying? Probably.

So you can find me at LOOPS this afternoon, buying more Be Sweet Bamboo in sea green. And my friends better not sabotage me by getting the 3 skeins. I know who you are.

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