Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafting 2010

I'm now into month 2 of my sock de-stashing. Janine mentioned making a X's and O's cable pattern for February socks? To which I whined, err replied, "I don't know how to cable." So as any enabling and helpful friend would do, she sent me several patterns that explained the mystery of that cable. And of course, I obliged and thought, "Why haven't I ever done this before? Easy!" So 2, yes 2, of these hats were made in a bright Valentine-y red:
One for Miss Ava and one for her cousin Bella, who at this moment, is snowed in New Jersey. They probably have dug out of it by now, being that the east coast is used to that kind of weather.Valentine's Day also brought, if early and FIRST, some wonderful blush roses brought by my partner in crime, Rich. Work has been albeit interesting lately, and he is so thoughtful. We celebrated Valentine's Day with some excellent steak (and butter sauce) Thursday.
Later that weekend, we went shopping for a treadmill and since then have been rearranging the office/game room to make room. I think there will be less steak in our future. I told him that we should both be totally ready for summer if we buy one. No excuses.

Pass the pizza and the Dr. Pepper! (just joking, of course)

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