Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movies That are Fun, even on Cable TV

I've been thinking about the movies I will watch on cable.
1. Steel Magnolias - there are so many lines in that movie that remind me of my grandmother, great aunt and yes, my mom. She IS Sally Field's character. I cry every time at Shelby's funeral.
2. The Green Mile - Although the plot revolves around a gruesome murder and the most of the movie takes place in the death row of a penitentiary, I really enjoy the watching the interactions between the guards and inmates. Even bad guys can still care about each other.
3. Fried Green Tomatoes - Another film with powerful female characters and about the nature of human beings.
4. The Breakfast Club - Reminds me tragically of high school. Everyone of us is a nerd, a prep, a jock, a psycho, whatever. It's true and sad that high school can feel like that sometimes.
5. Mean Girls - It's an updated version of Heathers to me. I think I enjoy the movie because it reminds me of my job at times and how ridiculous keeping female friendships can be. I want to read the book it's based on "Queen Bees and Wanna-be's." I love Tina Fey's interpretation of the book...
6. The Notebook - a hopelessly romantic film, about a girl and a boy and their love story. The first time I watched it was around the death of my great-aunt, Mimi. She had Alzheimer's, dementia, whatever-you-want-to-call-it and it was so sad to see her die that way. I bawled and bawled and bawled - I still miss her.
7. Chocolat - I think it would be fun to own a chocolatier in France (during Lent, of course) and wear amazing clothes and red shoes. It would be fun to be the mom that is not like any others. Especially if Johnny Depp was my love interest. Wow.
8. Along Came Polly - Sometimes I think I'm Polly and Rich is Reuben at times. We have different ways of thinking about things at times, but it works for us!
9. Parenthood - Another movie set in the 80's about parenting. This movie gets me all nostalgic about the circle of life and how we are just really trying to do what's best with the people we love and sometimes that gets messy.
10. Walk the Line - I'm a closet Johnny Cash fan and I think Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did a fanastic job in their portrayal. Another love story about two people finding each other...

What's your favorite movies you'll watch when flipping channels???

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Teal Marie Chimblo Fyrberg said...

Good picks. Chocolat is one of my all time favs as well. The Sweetest Thing was on the other day and I had forgotten how funny that is? Good chick flick I can watch over and over.

I love The Fifth Element, any Hitchcock or Scorcese movie. Movies with Christian Bale. Knocked up. Hmmm. that's what come to mind in this moment.