Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Card-making 2011

While at home for yet another snow day, Vincent, Ava and I made owl valentines this morning. We found the idea from FamilyFun, a great website for parents and teachers.

First use the template to cut out a teardrop shape and then fold at the top, making a triangle.
Then cut out 2 eyes. Vincent was tired of cutting teardrops, so we opted for the paper punch.
You're ready to glue! Print out your saying, get your eyes ready and glue all of your owl's details.
Finally, use up all of that glitter glue (that you have in the depths of your craft closet) and add colorful eyes to your owl!
When we finally thaw out, we'll cut little holes in the bottom for some twizzlers, lollipops or smarties.

This project was a little labor intensive. It took about 2 hours to make 30 valentines. It gave both kiddos some more experience with making art. I asked Vincent if he gets to cut anymore at school and he said, "only on occasion, in art class." Hmm, I see more art projects in his future....

I enjoyed the time AWAY from the chatter of the television and video games. Seriously, if we don't go to school soon, I'm going to start homeschooling....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011: What I Sewed

Last week, I taught school for 1 day. Yes, 1 day. Then we had a record-shattering snowfall here Tulsa.

14 inches of snow.

That is enough snow to shut a Tulsa down for a while. So, with the 4 snow days that followed (and there is still question as to IF school will resume Monday) I sewed. And sewed and sewed.

So first, I made 3 baby quilt tops. Using Aimee Ray's pattern, I made 2 blue and 1 pink quilt top.
My plan is to embroider them with the nursery theme. I'm planning presents for 4 babies this spring.

Also, I embroidered the onesies that have been sitting in my craft closet with more art inspired by Aimee Ray.
I have both of her books. I love how she has simple projects and simple motifs that are so pretty when stitched. Also, you can combine several designs to make a picture for a quilt, blanket, etc. Here's the link to her stitch along that just finished up last week.

Next up is a zippered wristlet. Last year, I learned how to sew a simple zippered pouch. The wristlet is just a handle attached - I found several tutorials and then took some of the design elements from them to create my own. Here's the tutorials:

They have 2 little pockets on the inside for cards, keys or a phone.
I made progress on another baby blanket for one of those spring babies:
The pattern is Open Work Baby Blanket by Trudi Brown. It is an easy, 3 row pattern repeat. Of course, I'll be working on this tonight while watching the Super Bowl.

And guess what? School just called and there's no school tomorrow!