Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Knitting

Yarn Harlot started the Knitting Olympics a few years ago to challenge knitters to complete a project within the 2 weeks Olympic Games. The idea is for you to do something "Citius, Altius, Fortius" or "Faster, Higher, Stronger." If you finish your goal, whatever that is, you get a gold medal banner to put on your blog, etc as a reminder of that feat. If you belong to Ravelry, then there are teams and everything. Yarn Harlot keeps her Olympics separate. Ravelry is a whole other ball game. It's a little overwhelming....

This month has proven to be a hectic one, especially in the work area of my life, so I decided to work on the "faster" aspect of my knitting. My goal is to complete 2 "heart-breakingly cute" baby kimonos out of some cotton that's been hanging around my stash. The pattern is done is one piece, with minimal stitching to complete. It's like you are going along in your stockinette stitch or garter and voila! it's done! Here is my progress so far:
This is just after one weekend of the Olympics. But all Olympics have some disappointment and mine is not immune. I. ran. out. of. yarn. Seriously. And not only that, but I have 3/4 of one kimono done, so I have to go to the store to get something that might work. I'm thinking blue, white or tan - keeping it simple. If I can't find a coordinating color, I know, I can find white somewhere.

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