Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We're On Our Way!

For Ava's 2nd birthday, I decided to go with Wonder Pets, since, she loves singing the theme song so much and LOVES Ming-Ming, the girl duckling. Apparently we missed the Wonder Pets flyboat, because I couldn't find Wonder Pets gear anywhere. I had to order some fromBirthdayExpress: the usual napkins, plates, cupcake rings and treats.

I am a an over-the-top homemade birthday kind of mom. Vincent's first 4 birthday parties were AWEsome. We did Blue's Clues, Jack's Big Music Show, Shrek. I really enjoy the theme planning, invitations, games, snacks. It's ALL fun for me. But, with the economy being well, crummy, right now, we had to tone it down a bit. So my daughter got a little less bling, but it was just right.
For the snacks, I made devil's food cake cupcakes with white icing. That's a big deal at our house. You must have WHITE icing with chocolate cake. We also had ants on a log - because everyone knows that after they save the animals, they celebrate with celery.

This week, she knew there was something special going called her birthday. She kept saying, "happy" and we would answer with "birthday" and she would grin from ear to ear. At her party today, when she saw her presents, she wanted right away to start opening them.

For her outfit, I made an applique for her shirt and I found this birthday party for my inspiration on her cape and other things. It was just a wonder-filled day! There were so many little moments where she would look at Rich or me and just give us a special smile.

I love that kid.


Teal Marie Chimblo Fyrberg said...

I love, I love I love my Ava. More beautious every day. Wish I could have been there:(

Miss K said...

That shirt is so great!!!! We are a Wonder Pets family...