Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Crafting

Wow, I haven't posted since March? Well, it goes to show that time flies when you are having fun! The end of school is always so stressful to me. Not the beginning of school, that energizes me. I can't stop thinking about all the possibilities of a new start with new kids and this year, I'll be in a different building. So the end of school was spent packing on top of all the other things like grades, projects, etc. WHEW!

So this summer, between soccer camp and professional development activities, I have been crafting. And lots of it: spinning, sewing, quilting, embroidery and (gasp) jewelry making. The next few entries will show pictures of what I've been doing with all this free time. So let's start with ring making, shall we?

I'm making rings. Lots of chunky rings from vintage earrings. These are also called statement rings or cocktail rings. Basically, a large stone, button or vintage earring adhered to a ring blank. Where did I get this idea? From my dad....

Rich and I moved my dad to a "mature adults only" apartment complex a few weeks ago. Let's just say that my dad is anything but "mature" except for his age. He lives under the philosophy that someone will always take care of him and basically lives by the seat of his pants. No money for electricity because he blew it on "other" important entertainment is the life he chooses to live. But I digress...

So while I'm unpacking his randomly packed boxes, I come what's left of my Mamaw's jewelry. I pilfered some of that jewelry and turned it into rings.
After I figured out how to clip the wires and take the earring back off, I went a little obsessive about this little project, stalked an estate sale and made some more that are available in my little shop. I got lots of compliments about the one above. It's neat to take something and update it into something new! Have you tried that?

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