Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ruffly Scarf: My Genius Knitting Friend Janine

I consider my sewing skills to be quite adequate. It has taken me a long time to get where I can "see" how to make something without a pattern.

However, my knitting skills are not there yet. I am a slave to the pattern. I meticulously keep track of where i am on my project. Usually, i pick something that I can easily keep track of or memorize.

Not Janine. She is a knitting genius. She can look at a sweater and say, "I can make that. It's just short rows here...cable there..." Janine noticed that ruffly scarves are everywhere. She came across one in a knitting book and "dreamed" up a recipe to make the scarf. Over Thanksgiving, I asked about her pattern for this lovely scarf. And she just said, "oh, it's just a recipe, I haven't written it down yet." She showed me how, and it is easy! Here's my scarf:
It does require "short rows," but, it is so awesome! Just 2 skeins of a nice worsted weight. Want to know more, you must message her on Ravelry. She's janineknits. If you can find her, find me: sewsarah.

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Anonymous said...

I just love all of your creations. You are so talented sis!! :)