Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hot Loops Party Plans and oh yeah, my stash

The Hot Loops Party was awesome! I bought a couple of patterns to use with stash yarn. Both patterns are for short-waisted people. Many hand-knit sweaters/jackets/whatever are made for people who are long waisted. So more pictures as they come out. I also bought some amazing bamboo cotton, handpainted yarn and other yumminess.

The pink/red/green actually has REAL sterling silver flicks in it! Awesome! I'm thinking about making Miss Ava a Christmas shrug out of it. Or at least I can make 2 hats, 1 for Bella and 1 for Ava.

So I'm on a roll to finish up some projects to get started on the new yarny goodness.

Above is a basketweave blanket from Encore. So easy, the pattern states that it is an 8-hour project, but It's more like 12 hours. The blanket is knit on size 13 needles, which takes some wrangling when you are knitting with basically large sticks. I have plans to make another one from this creamy colored boucle':

Janine, Britt and I have decided to call all yarn from the yarn estate sale a few months ago "murder house" yarn. It may sound melodramatic, but the front of this lady's house looked like a very bad horror movie. Add that to the fact that inside, there was yarn from floor to ceiling. Of course this decision making came from a conversation at Loops over pomegranate martinis. Janine also wants to design her own yarn and call it "murder-house" yarn. Can you hear some of the colors: vampire red, boo black, Kreuger orange? (hey, I teach first grade here, I know these are mildly scary names for yarn)

I must take a picture of Janine's cardi she made from the, ahem, murder-house yarn. It's a lacy leaf sleeve and just open in the front. Turned out great! And she's going to teach me how to make one!


Missy said...

I love your blog!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much! Appreciate you reading it!

Anonymous said...

cripes! good lookin stuff!

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