Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bibs and Bags and More!

Even more sewing coming from the machine! I unearthed these bibs from my to-do pile and whipped them out. Well, whipped is not the word. It's hard wrangling bias tape around curves. And so no more baby shower bibs for me....I may even venture to say I'll stick with embellishing onesies. It's quick and painless and doesn't require the sewing maching.
Also, I'm still on a bag frenzy - I've cut out 2 more bags for my friends and recently gave this one to Beth.
My taxi tote is floppier b/c I didn't put interfacing in it. I like the stiffness of this one. What is it about purses?? I'm sort of a bag/purse/tote whore. I have made many for myself, experimenting with different colors/shapes/sizes. There is just something about bags...They are so easy to make and fun to embellish. And right now, I need a bigger purse instead of a purse and a diaper bag. I hate carrying a purse for me and a diaper bag. Add that and a baby and my body gets worn out fast. And there's also the octopus look.

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Teal Marie Chimblo Fyrberg said...

Those are so great! Almost makes me want a baby:-)