Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been taking a break from socks. Granted, they are fun, portable and I'm getting pretty savvy at turning that heel. But the bulk of my stash is a DK weight yarn, Peaches and Creme. The ladies of Mason Dixon Knitting enabled me a year ago to buy 4 bags of "dishcloth cotton." In about a week, I whipped up 3 dish towels for my 3 classroom volunteers. Now, using the leftovers, I made one for my own kitchen.

Then I turned to some other DK weight yarn, Cotton Fleece. Ah, I was supposed to use
this yarn to make something for Ava's room. But, then I didn't like how it was looking, so I frogged it. Since then, it has been a coachella, and various hats, and also gifted to my sisters to further enable their knitting obsession. Now, I bring you the beginning of Blooming Cotton Scarf.

I was going along, with this 400 stitch wide scarf, until I noticed that my stitches were twisted. Twisted stitches are the bane of my existence in knitting in the round. I hate it. I hate doing the work to make sure you don't have to redo it again. But, I did and here it is now. It's about half finished. There are supposed to be 14 stripes of colorwork. But at this rate, I think it will be too wide. Being short, I don't want the scarf to take over my head. The jewel tones are pretty!
I have an idea for a purse that repurposes a seersucker suit from the 90's that I've kept for some reason. I'm thinking a bucket style, with some embroidery from jenny hart. Sublime Stitching is what started the whole crafting thing for me. It will probably end up being another knitting bag of sorts or a smaller diaper bag for the lady Ava.

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