Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Spring Sewing!

Now that the birthday cake crumbs have settled, aquarium field trip finished, and most everyone is on the mend from a cold, here are some pictures of Ava's summer dresses.

The first dress is one those criss-cross smocks - she might be able to wear it this week, since the weather's supposed to be actually be spring-like and sunny. The middle is a "repurposed" dress shirt from Rich, aka Da...da! The right is a kimono shirt and shorts. I just need to put the buttons on it.

Now for a little heart to heart.  Those with more than one child: how do you find time to exercise? Aside from getting up at 5am (crack o'dawn) to go run on the treadmill, when do you work out? I still have the last 15-ish pounds to lose and I tried dieting only. It doesn't work, because eventually, I eat a lot of ice cream.  Or chips. Or (gasp!) the cafeteria lunch for the day. In my pre-Ava years, I would work out before I picked Vincent up from day care. Now I feel like there are always piles of something to do + working out.  I guess i fell off the bandwagon when I was pregnant and i'm having trouble getting back on. I love my runner's high and miss it greatly.  When i exercise i drink more water. My skin looks great, my body is strong. I'm not hungry for cookies or ice cream.

So, my goal this week is to get my rear-end up and just go. Cold or not. Sleepy or not. Hungry or not. Oh yeah and start another pair of socks.  

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Teal said...

Make time for you, make it THE first priority. You are a GREAT mom and you deserve time for a little runner's high and "me time." xoxo