Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break Craftiness

 Hospital visits aside, I did get to some sewing during Spring Break. To sum up, I made some gifts for a certain little girl who was born almost a year ago today.  I'll be writing about these for a let's get with the pictures!

This is the bunny hat from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Hats book. It's a basic hat patt
ern and then you divide for the ears. You sew little pleats in the ears to shape them.  It's quite easy-peasy.  I knit it in one day at the ER. 

Here's another hat made the Miss Ava. It is the birthday hat from the same author and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites to make 1 year olds.  We'll see how long she wears it, but it will go with her tutu...
I've been thinking a lot about my little girl and how amazing she is.  Her birth story is just as amazing.  Not to go into too many details, but I was truly empowered by my doctor as she came into the world with very little drugs - no epidural. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, she is the youngest of our family and I think she isn't crawling much because of that.  We kept her busy with her toys surrounding her, why would she need to crawl? There goes without saying that the second child gets to hang out a lot more than the first.  With Vincent, we were on top of everything, and working constantly with him to make sure he met those monthly guidelines. But with Ava, I slowed down and snuggled and held her more.  Knowing she is the last (which is very good), I think I may have inadvertently made her stay a baby longer. But, she isn't much of a baby anymore.  She's scooting all over the place and grabbing for everything. I think she wishes she had another arm, so she could carry something and scoot at the same time. Frustration incurs when she wants to carry something and move at the same time.  We are working with her legs and encouraging her to put weight on them.  

As an experienced mom, I know that she will not nurse until she's 35 (although it feels like it sometimes) and yes, she will walk when she is ready.  But for now, I'm savoring the snuggle bunny moments and those coy little smiles:

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