Saturday, September 17, 2011

Repurposed Earrings to Bold Rings

These rings are so fun to make! To me it's an instant gratification project because you just glue and go. I find my vintage earrings and buttons from estate sales and garage sales. Look for those button earrings from the 60's and 70's. Fancy brooches work well also.

To make these rings, you'll need:

  • a vintage earring 
  • ring blank 
  • jewelry glue
  • pliers

First, use your pliers to remove the earring back or pin. It's ok if you have a little residue left over. If you are little worried, just use a lightweight sandpaper to scrub that off.

Then, apply glue to the middle of the wrong side of the earring. Add ring blank and press. Let it dry overnight so that the glue has time to adhere. 

Admire your new creation! 

Here are some more that I have made:

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