Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Craftiness

It's well into summer here in Oklahoma; it's so hot Ava said this to me when we went to get Vincent from camp:

"Momma, it's so hot my brain hurts! Pick me up!"

Summer gives a me a chance to MAKE all the fun accessories I think of during the school year AND find on twitter and facebook. Here are some things I've made:

kindle cover out of up-cycled jeans

FAVORITE ballband dishcloths
princess-size purse
handspinning with Dawning Dreams batting
market Bag in dishcloth cotton
zig-zaggy wristlet
Bustle Backpack
Ruffly Tote from up-cycled jeans
Vincent's Americana Quilt

All of this, plus some more coming! Come back Monday for a Crafty Monday post!

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