Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Sewing

Within the next 2 weeks, there are 3 baby showers at my school. Let's talk a minute about teachers: most of us are uber-planners. Spring is the time to have your babies b/c it maximizes your stay-at-home time. And you don't have to close the school year. Which, most times is a blessing. Well, this year at JEE, is the year for boys. So what to give a new little one but these:

Each mommy-to-be will get 3 blocks for fun playtime. I found the pattern and directions from this cute little blog londonmummy.They were tested by a certain curious 10 month old, who found them quite yummy. And, this fabric came from my stash. Wow. A whole yard gone.

Next are some socks I started recently. So far, I've made 2 pairs of just plain old, well..socks. Now I'm working on using a pattern that extends from the cuff to the toe. It is a baby cable pattern, but I don't have to use a cable needle. Since the picture, I've started the heel. Starting the heel makes me feel like I'm getting closer to the end. Each time I start a sock, the leg/cuff part is a drag. It feels like it takes FOREVER.


Teal said... made BLOCKS??? Like how do you do these things. They are too cool!

Sarah said...

well, it's like sew 4, 4" squares together in a row and then you sew 1 on the top and bottom of the 2nd square in the row and then you sew the seams. Leave one open for stuffing and then handsew together...

me. said...

I'm loving this.
So making blocks asap.