Monday, February 9, 2009

Stash Diet??? What Stash Diet??

So here we are in February and I went to my mom's 60th birthday party. That was really fun! People come from out of the woodwork every time there is a party at my mom's. Of course, right before it started, I went to the Oklahoma Quiltworks. Just to see what they have (kind of like going to an ice cream store when you are watching what you eat). There was an awesome quilt store in Tulsa (I worked there), but now, no such awesomeness. So I'm browsing for small stripes and bought this:

Here are some of the blocks I was thinking about when I was buying the fabric.
I'm thinking about turning the squares so it's shaped more like a diamond (actually a rhombus, if you're technical). The goal is for it to look kaleidoscope-ish. So I'll cut out black squares, hopefully the same size as the other ones and then sew it together.
Later that night, after everyone went home - and let's just say it was LATE, my mom and her closest friends went to Jan's house to look at her quilts. Jan is old-school. She watched a documentary on Gee's Bend and saw a quilt that caught her eye. Then she paused the dvd, photographed it and then using many higher-math skills, made a pattern. That's not how I work. You can be sure that my process goes from "I have this idea" to "OH NO!" to "Now, I think I have it!" and then the quilt is done. Ask me about my coffee cup quilt.
As for the $63 spent on fabric, let's just say I'll make plans for it, but first you can guess that it will hang out on the shelf for me to pet for a while. Yeah. Crafters pet things like yarn and fabric. It's weird.

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Teal Marie Chimblo said...

That is going to be one wicked cool quilt!! I love the fabric.

So glad your mamma had an awesome b-day:-)