Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafty Ideas for 2013: Vision Boards

2012 was an interesting year for many of us. My family had many challenges and celebrations that, in many ways, brought us closer together. I feel like 2013 is going to be a great year with exciting adventures ahead. There have been some dreams and aspirations that have been flowing in my head for a few months. I wanted to see how I could keep those goals in mind as I begin another year.

So, I googled "vision board," something I had heard about, but not really understood. And did more research. Basically, there are inspiration boards and vision boards. An example of an inspiration board is kind of like what we make on Pinterest: it's a place to gather images or ideas about a certain goal. A vision board encompasses a little bit more. Many people choose a special word for the year and then create a board around that idea and how it looks in different aspects of their life. I read Joyce Schwarz's book "The Vision Board: the Secret to an Extraordinary Life." Here's a link about vision boards: The subtle tricks to building an effective vision board | Martha Beck.

I started thinking that "abundance" might be my word for the year, but after creating my board, I think my word or phrase is "creating openness." I'm still working on my board, but when, I'm finished, I'm going to hang it in my bedroom so I can see it every day. The idea is, that by creating this board, your brain is thinking of that concept regularly. Current brain research states that your brain only " knows" your thoughts, both negative and positive. So, why not bring positive thoughts and energy into your life?

Even better, make it a party! Gather some girlfriends, wine, snacks, canvas, magazines and catalogs and start creating your vision for the year! I would be happy to help you along.


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Teal Marie Chimblo Fyrberg said...

Wonderful post Sarah, i really like your explanation of why this sort of things works for our brains and our souls. Your board is beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me on the first day of the year. I think it is going to be a great one too!