Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Bucket List

This is an unusual summer for us. We usually have a plane trip planned to visit family. We did a lot of traveling during the school year, so we are going to take it easy.  That said, Vincent is a little disappointed. "But staying home is SO BORING!" he says in his tween voice, voice dripping of sarcasm.  Enter the "Summer Planning Pages." I found a website that offers free blank calendars, printed 3 and we started organizing our summer. Gina from East Coast Mommy has a great, free printable I used to help get our creative juices flowing.  Here's Vincent's, all circled and ready to go! 11 Cat, from No Wooden Spoons, has some great ideas for summer photography.  Then, I used the planning calendar pages and color-coded everyone's activities that are already planned.  13 Now, we are going to add all of the activities on our summer bucket list so we make sure this summer is full of possibilities. 

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