Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finished Object: Rosey Little Bee Quilt

About a year ago, I signed up for my first online quilting bee: Rosey Little Bee. I've read books about women getting together (long ago) and working on a quilt. Well, quilting has changed a little since then. Now, with internet, women from all over the world can share their quilting hobby by way of a virtual bee. It works like this:

12-ish people agree to create blocks for one another. Each quilter is assigned a month for the year. For example, I was assigned September, so I sent out my fabric and block pattern to the 11 other girls in August.

After much sewing and cutting and thinking and thinking some more, I decided on this block:
The idea is by the end of your month, your fellow bees have made your block for you and when you get everyone's blocks sewn together, you have this:

I got a little excited about the blocks, and so I made one quilt with the blocks that were sent to me so far. I'm going to make another quilt with the other blocks.

What I liked about joining this group is that I learned to use different colors and to sew different blocks. I enjoyed this so much that I've joined another bee through flickr: 3 X 6 Bee. In this bee, you are joined with 6 other people, but this time, you make the same block 6 times, but in different colors. So at the end of the quarter, you receive 6 different blocks, but in coordinating colors. If you participate all year (optional), you will have 24 blocks to make a large quilt.


Miss K said...

That is gorgeous! You are so talented!

Sarah said...

thanks Kate! I was surprised how ORANGE the borders were, but it grew on me!