Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Knitting

Fall is here and so is school, so knitting/crafting in general has been s...l...o...w. I have several projects on the needles and hope to share a few of those in the posts to come. First, an ode to my mom. As in Odessa. It is a really cool hat for a sweet and COURAGEOUS mom who is undergoing breast cancer treatments. I have yet to see her stylish new "do," but have heard that it takes only 30 minutes to get ready now. And she loves wearing hats - you have no idea what an opportunity this is for me. I have tons of patterns - I hope she likes knitted hats! This yarn is Debbie Bliss cashmerino - a really cool sea green.
My mom's attitude about this has been so awesome. Yes, she has some down days, but she is not letting her cancer get to her.

The other project is a sweater for the Miss Ava. Yes, it is OSU orange, and I hope I am going to finish before Thanksgiving. I have another sweater, but that is a different post. It is called Ribbed Baby Sweater.

Here is the picture so far - It has a cool ribbed band and I'm almost there! It looks huge - maybe washing it in hot water will shrink it down. The yarn is Cotton Fleece - perfect for Oklahoma cool weather - it has hardly any wool.

That's all for now - my goal is hat, then sweater. My head is swimming with ideas for cool weather knitting....

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Teal Marie Chimblo said...

Your mamma is going to love that hat...the color will be so pretty on her. And the Diva Ms. Ava...super chic in orange, I can't wait to see!